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Welcome to Class 6CS Blog. Today, the 5th December 2013 is the first day of blogging for Class 6CS. Please come back throughout the day and beyond to see the brilliant learning taking place. To help the class understand how a blog works, please leave a quick comment saying ‘Hi’ and wishing them luck as they embark on this exciting journey.

When I joined in year 5!

It was my first day at Knowle park primary it was a Monday. The first person i became friends was with Lewis me and him became best friends then he moved house and school then a boy named Kasper joined the school we both became best friends.were now in year six and were both going to Oasis secondry school.

Carnage part 1 The rising

Professor Black, paced around the oval metallic object, which was about the size of 2 large football fields, that lay embedded in the centre of the forest, caked in thick, gooey mud. It was a long walk. Wiping his glasses free of the early morning frost, he put them back on and pushed them further up his nose before taking a closer look to examine the object. It appeared to have landed in the early hours of the morning. But one questioned remained. What on earth was this thing. Well that was exactly the point. It wasn’t from Earth. You see nobody would’ve thought that beyond our galaxy was a planet of life with the same goal as man. As we worried about our own little problems, we never knew that creatures with intelligences greater than us scrutinised and studied us as if we were a new breed of species. But like man, there lust for knowledge drove them power- hungry. They became obsessed with our world and in a mad scramble for dominancy, they fell under the shadow of a greater threat. An evil tyrant known as Krull took over and dispatched a creature to end us. To destroy us. This creature had landed in Brooklyn and as soon as it received orders, the massacre of humans would begin…

After Professer Black had encountered the object, he decided to call in the government. In less than 24 hours a huge operation to find out what this thing was had been launched. Professors, biologists, agents, scientists, astronimists were all dedicated to finding out this thing. Then things started to go wrong… The operation was silenced by a weird, electronic babble that echoed from the cylinder. Abruptly, it hissed open, coughing out a blanket of green mist. It rolled along the floor engulfing, shoes but the people there didn’t care about that. From the darkness of the container came a clanking noise. And then came a shrill, thundering roar that stabbed hearts with immense fear. To eyes, gleaming with hatred and anger pierced the gloom. The thing sprang from its prison leaping at innocent scientists and ripping them up. Screams rang out but were silenced by the raging roar of this malevolent monster. This hulking beast with a never ending quench for blood was sent here with one purpose. To destroy mankind. It’s back layered with dagger-like spikes. It’s jaw overcrowded with jagged, pointed teeth.  His spherical tail swiped and swung at the innocent people who desperately tried to avoid the blows. But it was no use. This creature had been sent here to destroy Earth. It had been bred to kill. And from here, things could only get worse…

I’m way more awesome than you!!

I’m way more awesome than you!!

C’mon face it. It’s true!!!

Richer and more handsome too

I’m way more awesome than you!!

I’m a whiz at football

Got awesome skills

On Black-ops ghosts I got 99 kills

The girls all sigh when I walk by!!

My I.Qs high

I’m a wonderful guy

I’m way more awesome than you!!

I’ve got heaps of money

My jokes are funny

I was voted best liked

Cos I’ve the trendiest bike

And the latest gear

From countries far and near

I’m epic and posh

With unlimited dosh

I’ve been rapping all day but I’m tired and worn

Besides gotta get on my plane and go to Benidorm!!



The Following

Death lurked in every corner and hell awaited me as I felt the cold rods of the cemetery gates. Plucking up the corage from god knows where, I pushed them and they opened with a creak that shattered the silence. After the creak, the silence returned and I was cloaked in a shroud of darkness as I entered the cemetery.

The Horror Begins Now

Before time began Horror has been lurking around. Nowadays Horror is a common thing and everyone nows it. We’ve all seen a Horror. Scary Movie,Fredy Kruger,Jason and millions more,but the most feared Horror is the Zombies. Thousands of films are about Zombies like Shaun Of The Dead and others. What I’m saying is Horror is extremely famous and nothing can top IT.

Amazing England

Do you want a new kit? Then this is the kit for you.This is the kit for your team as they will be in the spot light for years.

Firstly and most importantly,one of the great features of the kit is that it is padded so if your player makes a rooky mistake they will get up and play on.

Additionally,it has a badge.This badge is the shiniest thing in the world which will put off your opponents so your team can score a classic goal.

Finally,it has a air spray. You can use this spray at the end of a match which will leave you smelling as fresh as a daisy.

You should buy this kit for your team to win.

The fun day out. A diary by Courtney and Emily

Dear bloggers


This is day 2 in Tenerife and today I am currently on my way to Siam park. Siam park is the biggest water park than all others around the world. I am willing to take a dip in the nice,cool swimming pool. To be honest I am very relaxed here in Tenerife. The whether is always hot. I am always  in the pool. I am having a blast. I love it here. To relaxing. I don’t want to leave. We’ll I’m of speak to you soon.

Visit Red bull Fairground

It has every ride you can dream of.Do you want to drop from 75 ft and you could also get a photo at the end.

Firstly, make your way to our deathning paintballing pit and dress up as your favourite game player and fight against hollographic computers.

Inaddition, we have the water log zooo it comes with water the water is at the bottom just near the bottom near the water is a camera that leads to where you can buy your picture.

Furthermore, we have the trampolines but there not ordanery you can bounce up to 5x higher than newsal.

Surely, you couldnt resist this amazing Fun Park.Your temptation levels must be sky high so book now.Only £35.00 now thats a bargen.

The MURDER !!!! By mitchell.b

One hopeless night Jack and his girlfriend were sat down watching a romantic film and his girlfriend went into the kitchen all of a sudden he saw a shadow and a bullet splattered all over her. Jack ran into the kitchin but no one was therebut his girlfriend led dead on the floor. He found a note writen in blood YOUR NEXT!!!!!!!!!

He set out to find her killer and avenge her. Jack took his shotgun from his cubored and set out and the nxt day he found another corpse rotting. Another note had writen on it DON’T COME CLOSER. Jack ran away and found another body that had blood writing LOOK BEHIND YOU. Jack turned around and found sarah’s killer

Is the ghost trying to tell me a message

There I was tossing and turning trying to get some sleep when there was a knock on my bedroom door . I cautiously opened it . I shut the door . No one was there ! I jumped back into my cosy bed as I had my mother scream from the basement. I rushed downstairs as I entered the basement.
I screamed ! Dad and my siblings ran down stairs as they came to see what’s wrong . I started to cry . It was my mother body . Will she live ?

The Amazing Coming World Cup

This year Brazil are the host of the 2014 World Cup. They are probably the favourites to win because of the weather and just because there a good team. Because of the weather most European teams will struggle a bit. But teams like Argentina, Uruguay and Brazil will probably get to the semi finals and win there group. Brazil have also won the World Cup including Pele 3 times but Messi or Ronaldo haven’t one 1.

The doom basement!!!!! By Kaci R

Suddenly, I heard a loud bang coming from down stairs in the basement!!! I opened the door to the basement and crept down the old, rusty stairs. Then with a blink of an eye a little girl appeared she was covered in blood !!! I didn’t  know what to do I was petrified. Then something dragged me of the stairs and on the the floor I got up bolted up the stairs and ran up to the door but then the  door slammed right in my face! Then I heard someone crying in the corner of the room so I went over to the girl that was crying. Suddenly, she grabbed me and frew me against the hard, brick wall crying in fear, I ran for my life but she pulled me back and dragged me in a dark, damp room……

This morning we had Guiana pigs delivered to our school. All of the school will be able   to see them.How exciting. Thanks to the lovely Ms beers we are proud to present them.


Tuna Dreaming

Tuna lay in the sour bin.                                                                                                                                                                                       He was covered in peels,sauces and other waste.                                                                                                                                  Soon the strayed cats will be in for him.

He disliked to be this way.                                                                                                                                                                                 He dreamed back into his memories.

Back to when he was on a jacket potato.                                                                                                                                                     Being lavished in butter and mayonnaise.                                                                                                                                         A bearded man ready to eat him.

He disliked to be this way.                                                                                                                                                                                  He dreamed back into his memories.

Back to when he was in a can.                                                                                                                                                                           With fish juices and sweetcorn next to him.                                                                                                                                          Two weeks he was in there.

He disliked to be this way.                                                                                                                                                                                 He dreamed back into his memories.

Back to when he was trapped in a net.                                                                                                                                                           With other tuna and unwanted dolphins.                                                                                                                                                   And the rain fall wasn’t heavy enough.

He disliked to be this way.                                                                                                                                                                                 He dreamed back into his memories.

Back to when he was bolting though the sea.                                                                                                                                             Past dolphins and clownfish and others like himself.                                                                                                                              Or swimming to the depths of the ocean.

He liked to be this way.                                                                                                                                                                                        He tried hard to stay there.


Are horror story part 1

I looked around the libaray iles there was swarms of books stacked up neatly everyone had gone home so I was all alone.Suddenly, I heard a bang from the basement I made my way down I could not belive what I saw. My mate was lying on the floor blood filled the basement I ran back up the stairs and saw a black caoted man with a knife in his hands ready to kill what was left.My mum ran through the door and suddenly the man turnet around and stuck the knife into my mum I bursted out in tears and now I had no mum and i realy got up set……………..

The girl who got lost in the middle of nowhere by courtney k

There once was a young girl called Rose she was called Rose because she always smelt like roses. Her mum called Jess said ” can you go to the shops because we need bread and ham and milk” so she gave her a £10.00 pound and she went walking down the street. She heard a noise it was coming from a direction. She quickly ran to the shop it was all pitch black. It has gone past 10:00 already and her mum is wondering where she is because she left at 1:00 oclock in the morning and now it is 10hfkgswgnfh:00 oclock at night. It was straige. She is walking back from the shop and she trip over the rock and scratch her knee “ouch” said the girl. She started limping she heard the same noise again she was scared. She knocked on her mums door she wasnt answering what had happend to her? she knocked again still no answer………


My cheetah is red like my car.

Red like an angry bull.

His speed is super fast.

Half of him is dark like the sunset.

He is also half summer.

I freed him red lettuce.

I protect him with all my life.

His black silky skin stands out a mile a way.

My cheetah is special.

humans dreaming

Humans lay in dusty coffin.
She was a head a body but no life.
Soon her family will come and visit.

she hated it this way .
she shut her eyes are dreamed back .

Back to when she was getting punished
with her sister
and getting sent to her room.

she hated it this way.
she shut her eyes are dreamed back.

Back to when she was studying
with all the teachers pushing her
and then finally leaving school.

She hated it this way.
she shut her eyes and dreamed back.

Back to when she was nervous
with teachers worrying her
about her SATs

she hated it this way
she shut her eyes and dreamed back.

back to when she was getting rocked
side to side in her mothers arms
listening to her mothers beautiful voice.

She loved it this way
she shut her eyes and wished hard to stay that way.


It Ended Before It Began

Emily got closer and closer to her new born baby sisters incubator. She all of a sudden felt a slit breeze on the back of her neck. It was the nurses and doctors rushing towards baby sister Mia’s hospital room. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end.  Without a care in the world,she shouted NO!!!!!!! As they all carried out the body of the new born Mia. Emily fell to the ground in tears. Her mother and father walked out together with their arms around each other and tissues held up to their eyes. She looked into her legs and there was blood shes been shot………


By Stephanie And Kaci












The Race Battle paragraph 1

There they were Lexi , Nicole and Lucy strolling in the park together eploring the fascinating nature. The trees swayed side to side as the glissening , bright sun shone above them . They ran over to the bench , sat down and scuffed their feet in a pile of rotten leaves . They giggle ; they liked it this way. Creaking sounds caught Nicole’s attention. Rushing over they stopped suddenly. It was an open, red door with a sign saying ‘enter’ . Caustiously, they carefully stepped inside. Enourmas carts were scattered around , reving their engines and ready to to start .  They gasped ! They thought long and hard as they relised where they were.  They were in a race. They were peculiar!

Memories of the School Year

I can’t believe it how fast year 6 has gone. It only  feels like yesterday I was going back in the gates. At first I thought my teacher was  a bit scary. But she is lovely. In October we went on camp it was so amazing because I could spend time with my friends and teachers . I relaxed and learned new and different things.I struggled in writing when I first started and helf way than I got better by my teacher. I was embarrised when Ryan accidentally kicked the ball in my face because I  was embarrised , I started crying. The most thin g i am going to miss is my friends and teachers . GOOD BYE KNOWLE PARK.

The Horror Next Door By Rhianne

I looked out my window there was a new neigh-boor moving in and they  were hiding some thing in a brief case something pointy poked out of it I knew it  was a dangerous knife.The next morning  the woman that moved in dug a hole and let all of the stuff out.  They all were tools of her husband but I was right she did have a knife  with  blood dripping off  it. Scared, I knocked  on her door   and she came out with a bat  and she dragged me in I lead on her front room floor still awake but not for much longer I thought  she locked me in with dead bodies that had a axe mark on there body. Was that going to happen to me? The next morning I found my self led on her door step still awake I jumped up and ran in to my little, tiny house. I ran in and packed my bags I knew she would come back for me. I found a little note saying I am going to kill you. I jumped back up and  ran out of the door   and I was never seen again for the rest of my life. I lived a very happy life in my new home and my little cottage.

Things to do in gta 5

1. Custumize your best car in gta 5.

2.Always do rooftop rumble from martin.

3.go up and down on your bmx on mount chiliad.

4. never kill a rank 100 or + because the might have the RPG.

5. DO police chases to rank up to unlock new stuff and camos.

The Game of Backfire.

Roman,Seth and Dean were about to play there favourite game Need For Speed when a gigantic hand came out the screen and grabbed Roman and Seth.When they woke up they found themseves in a ebony abyss with no way out.When Dean came back with the takeaways he couldn’t find his brothers.

the survival game part 2 by courtney s

The survival game part 2

They were on survival mode on minecraft. Suddenly one character called Steve got killed! It was like online hunger games. The players get killed by enemies. What could they do?

                   “what happens now?” questoned Lewis shaking like a leaf in a winter breeze

“its easy,”answerd James,”we play for our win!”

One of the characters called Shot Stone slowly turned to face them, nodded to them and gave Lewis and James an iron sord each. Before they began, James thought about what to do or where to go.

10 Things To Do In FIFA 14

the ending

I went to knowle  park at 5years old now I’m all grown up I am going secondary school , I am very scared. Many children is going to the same school but I will make new friends . I have mix feelings .I will miss all the teachers .I have been to knowle park for  7 years . i will cry in happiness but we still got 7 weeks left. So that’s  the end

our sleepover part 1

One  Saturday evening, me and Charlie were sleeping at our best Cousins house for the very first time. We had popcorn big hoops and coke and juice also with lemonade. This will be a great night. We are watching the best film ever !! We all are going to go a bed late. This is what you call a proper sleepover. We are pampering each other. Also we  played  knock knock ginger around the street in our PJ. Now it is 20 to 9 and we are still awake telling jokes and laughing out loud. This is the Best sleepover EVER !!!!!! If you want to hear more about our sleep over just comment but we will still do part 2 !!!!!!

Four-in-a-Row.Part 1

The eerie,gloomy chamber was freezing cold and pitch black.They could just make out what was there.Worried by the darkness,they stood as still as stone.All at once,a light flickered on!Scared,they were blinded by the light.A huge Four-in-a-Row boared,with red and yellow counters ethier side,towered above them.The children gasped.



Everyday the population of loom bands grows so we have decided to teach you how to make a fishtail loom band.

First of all grab a band and make a eight at the bottom with a band. Grab another two bands and put them on top of each other. Next hook the bottom one up to the top band. Now carry this on until about 43 bands. Finally you will have a single band and you will have to grab S clip and clip it to the end of your bracelet and clip it to the other side. Now show off to your friends and enjoy

Darkness rained upon them radioactive lockdown part 1

At 0800 hours in a small city located on the outskirts of Syria, a nuclear chemicals facility exploded, swallowing the city in off the chart levels of radiation. As a result of this accident, the city was on total lockdown until a hazmat team was sent in. Or that’s what the public thought. It was partially true. Except a hazmat team wouldn’t  survive 10 seconds down there. The radiation had an alarming effect on the people there. It mutated them into horrible creatures with no compassion. You could put it that they were mutated into. Well. Zombies. And were extremely dangerous and that’s why the M.D.U were taking charge and sending in Bravo Squad; code name The Bloodhounds tasked with eliminating the threat before the public discovered. Led by Victor Rathbone, Bravo Squad contained of Jack Ratches – an expert sniper- Robert Elmsworth – a brilliant swordsman- Clifford Mcbelin – a gun loving hot head – and Alexander Zane- the blacksmith of the team. They continually completed missions with a near death experience. Especially the mission in Transilvania, where one of there teammates almost turned into a hellish creature. But could this mission prove to much for them? Would this heroic team falter as they pushed themselves to the limit? We’ll have to see…

Gritting his teeth, Victor tried to force the whir of the helicopters blades as they relentlessly hammered into his skull. Peering around the dimly lit cargo hold of the attack chopper, he noticed the concealed nervousness that his teammates tried to hide. A mixed brew of emotions stirred inside the pit of his stomach. Suddenly the red alarm began to angrily wail and flash. Taking a deep breath, Victor rose to his feet. Trying his best to fight the anxiety that rose like the bilge in his throat, he spoke. ” Bravo Squad! Suit up! We jump in 5 minutes” The team made his way over to the parachute rack. Sliding one on to his back, he loaded his weapons and sheathed his axe. Clifford Mcbelin, gazed around at the troubled faces of his team. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a thick Cuban cigar and a lighter. “What’s everybody worried ’bout?” He asked in his Southern accent, cigar between teeth. “Vikie boy, you want one? Victor glared at him. This was hardly the time to be joking he thought. The hanger door began to open. Victor spoke. ” Today we will be facing one of the most difficult missions so far. If we di-“

“Yeah, yeah, yeah. Save your speech” Clifford said smirking. The door was open. Victor took a run up, before diving out into the abyss of  blue sky. He fell, hurtling down from 1000 ft. The air slammed into his face. The adrenaline pulsed through his body. The others followed. As Victor descended downwards, he pulled the cord that opened his parachute. The wind rushed to it and jolted him upwards. But Clifford continued falling. He was only a mere 100 ft away and rapidly decreasing. 90 ft. 80 ft. 70ft. 60. 50. 40.  Abruptly, he pulled the cord and jolted upwards. But he still was rapidly falling to the ground. “Mcbelin!” “Mcbelin!” Victor shouted. Clifford landed, rolly- polling to his knees. The rest of the team shortly joined him. (Just with better landings) “Cliff! Are you okay?” Alexander asked

“Woohoo! he whooped. Angrily, Victor grabbed him roughly by the arm and pulled him up. He grabbed Mcbelin’s collar. “What the hell are you doing? Are you trying to get yourself killed?” Clifford tugged away from Victors grip. “Just living my life on the edge. That’s all”

“You listen to me. I will not endanger my team for your well being. I don’t even know why your here. But if you do endanger my team, I will put a bullet in you. Do you understand?” Clifford didn’t reply. Brushing the last of his anger away, Victor gazed around at his surroundings. Up above, storm clouds began to gather, darkening the sky like someone had turned out the light . The light of hope. They had landed in a patch of land bordered by towering pine trees. Drawing his axe, he began to enter the forest beckoned the others to follow. Jack, who had remained quiet for some time, went ahead, scouting out danger. “Uh guys. I think you need to come see this” Jack said from within the forest. As the team drew closer they saw what Jack was referring to. “Oh boy” Victor exclaimed. “This mission just got a whole lot harder…”

If you liked this Darkness Rained Upon Them or D.R.U.T please comment below and let me know!! Look out for part 2 coming soon!!

Sad Awaking

Dear Judith,

I am so sorry to say but Richard has sadly died.We were hiding behind a wall and he looked round to shoot and he got shot.I held him in my arms and spoke to him.He told me to tell you he loves you and he will always be with you.I couldn’t leave him.My team mates came and watched and said bye.I am truly sorry for your loss.

Your sincerely

Fred Jones xxx

It ended before it began

As Katie walked closer and closer to her sisters incubator in the hospital, she became nervous her palms sweated and stomach turned. Her mum ran out in tears. “Mum what’s wrong?” Katie asked in curiosity.
“It’s Scarlet your baby sister she’s to ill to come home.” Katie turned round and ran. “Why my little sister? “Why me?” It’s so unfair.” Screamed Katie . Her dad Harry arrived. “What’s wrong  sweetheart?”said Harry “It’s Scarlet she’s ill .”

“oh my gosh sweetheart.”

One Cold Winter’s Night by Josh

One night when I was led in bed
My mind gushed with a sense of dread
My heart pounded faster than any drum
My mind went blank and my body went numb
A tapping on my window pane
The blood pumped faster through my veins
I began to tiptoe across the floor
Then something wild burst through the door
With gleaming fangs and fiery eyes
Ready to start my painfull demise
It lept at me, ready to bite
A hellish creature of the night…

Saturday school is amazing by Stephen

Do you say that Saturdays are boring? Well think again because when you go to Saturday school you won’t get told off and you will have great fun.

Abandoned school By Kaci and Rhianne

One cold misty night, Kaci and Rhianne crept into the school which no one has set foot in for 1oo years.Glancing , at the wall,Rhianne spotted a dark shadow . Kaci and Rhianne creaked open the doors and walked through the corador.Cobb webs sourounded them . Tiptoeing up the stairs , they heard heavy breathing getting closer and closer….. Suddenly , something pulled their hair “Ahhhhhh”! they screamed .Floating in the air there was a girl hedding towords them! They ran as fast as they could. Petrified, Rhianne pushed open the class room door and hid under the table.”lets get out of here” Kaci cried. Rushing to the door, Rhianne nervously griped the handle in fear . Kaci and Rhianne got to the entrance door but then something pulled them back……..

The princess and the unicorn

Princess Amber woke in a shock. What happened to her? She looked out of the window to a horse standing in the middle of the field. It didn’t look like a horse it was more like a unicorn. A horn poked out of it’s head. Princess Amber got her dressing ground on and went down the stairs. She ran outside to find the unicorn was gone. The unicorn was running towards the moon light pools. Amber went to bed and waited until the morning to get close to it. The sun rose and princess Amber was already awake. She ran outside to go find the unicorn.

The Darkness Came Raining Down. Chapter 3 by Shannon

As clouds gathered aaround the sky, John and Jack agreed to go home fo the rest of the day, before it rains. Far up in space, were multi coloured lasers shooting across at robotic machines. These robotic machines look like cold-blooded humans, as if a vampire has sucked all the blood away, leaving them as pale as statue. It’s like the dead humans have been filled up, but not with blood….with human tears, poison and venom. Their eyes were flaming up red just like a fire. Rough metal armour slathered all around the robotic body, being protected at all times. Also fighting for the world victory, were built up creatures from the planet Zekrom. They were always known as ” The undefeated monsters”. They are described as over powered and strong. They have evil gleaming green eyes with sparkles of red in the center. Razor sharp nails and blood around their lips from previous enemies. This was the war between human, robotic machines and built up creatures from the planet Zekrom, for the take-over of Earth! Unfortunately, this means all humans’ must die! This is the start of darkness for Earth’s history…

By Shannon

Shark Attack! by Abdul

Early one fine morning, Jay and his brother Cole pleaded their parents if they could go surfing together. As there were clear  skys  they felt nothing could harm there children and agreed briefly.But what they didn’t know was that dangers far worse lurked under the ocean rather than above it. Soon they where looking out onto Australian shores. Felling, bored Jay and Cole’s parents said that they where going to go shopping and said that they would be back in half an hour. Cole and Jay,who where exhausted, noticed a huge wave, looked at each other and began to paddle towards it. Unfortunately,there was one thing between them and the wave.It was a shark!The shark had been tracking them and now it had decided to strike gripping the end of Cole’s board it swung him furiously ripping his board and working his way up to Cole!Screaming at the top of his voice Cole tried to get someone to help but no one came son he gave up. Luckily,an old man had heard the noise and came to see what it was shocked at the sight he rushed back in to his house and called the coastal guard ,told them the situation and soon sirens filled the air as the boat came to the rescue.Leaping in Cole called his brother and told him to get in now the sharks blood-eyes where fixed on Jay reaching for the ship J catching the edge of the bout he climbed in blood seeped through his wound but he didn’t care he was alive and thats what counts.

The Lighthouse by Shannon and Stephanie

I was working in my Lighthouse ,all alone, whilst people in the village were having parties and enjoying themselves. I was writing my Christmas list, when all of a sudden, the lights were cut off. I was worried! I dragged myself out of my chair to check on the light from the top of the Lighthouse. Unfortunately, because it was pitch black in my room, I fell over head first. As I walked into the light room, I noticed that the light wasn’t working anymore. I tried to fix it but, when I picked it up, I dropped it by accident and then it smashed! Behind my head, I could hear a boat approaching the village. I was lost in thoughts. I couldn’t save the village. Suddenly, there was huge knocks at my front door. The villagers came to help! They were charging up the hills into my Lighthouse, with lanterns and candles. We all tried to help the light from keeping the boat from crashing into us. We all stood up tall with our lights in the air, filling up all the spaces with light around the Lighthouse. In the end, the boat took a sharp turn, so it didn’t crash after all. We were safe!


Saturday school is cool By Courtney K

Are u bored on Saturday morning? Do you want help learning? Have you ever been to school on a Saturday? If not, then get ready and then turn to read and you might see what its all about and learn new thing and have fun.

Saturday day school is not any ordinary school its the best school ever and you can go on a Saturday. For example Saturday school is the amazing thing where you can go. Kaci Rees, age 10 from Walsh avenue says ” I thought Saturday school will be boring but its not. We have so much fun. It is unbelievable.” The best thing that happens at Saturday school is they play games in the morning and its FUN! 

The enormous unicorn by Courtney K

All unicorns feast on hot rocks and dreams. Normally, they use they use their pray however, sometimes they make loud strafing noises because they are really hungry and they sneak up on pray and kill it. There main kill is wolves.

The cave troll by Luke

All the cave trolls eat humans and they creep into villages at night. Some rip of the roofs to eat humans for their tea and drink their blood. Most of the time cave trolls peel off  humans heads of humans skin and rip their heads off ! Finally, they tie their bones onto their club as a trove and I wouldn’t want to see them.

The great surf by Courtney S

Dear Diary,

Today was the day of my schools surf of. We all felt nervous. Even I’m nervous even though I don’t do nerves. So i packed my bag, went to the basement to collect my surf board and set of to school.

My teacher, Mrs Bartender went through the same rules we have when we go on a school trip.

Once we arrived we gathered our boards and bags and changed in our beach houses.

As soon as we were ready, mrs bartender yelled, LET THE SURF BEGIN. Sam was up first and went when our teacher shot the starter pistol.

after everyone had their turn, it was my turn. I ran to the sea and set of. As the first wave approached, I took a deep breath stood up and started my skills.

This was it we were about to find out the winner of the surf of. And mrs bartender said I won. I almost cried I won the school surf of . At home mum kept kissing me . What a day.

The future! By Kaci R

One cold night, I heard a car speeding down the street so I got out of bed and looked out the window. It was a bright red car with the word future on it. I bolted down stairs, swung open the front door and jumped in the car. There were millions of buttons. I pressed the fly button and then I was in the air!!!!! Then I landed in a weird street. Cars were flying and dogs and cats were talking!!!! Shops were hanging upside down so were buildings it was amazing!! Suddenly , I spotted giants!! A couple hours later, I got back in the car and pressed the fly button but the car didn’t work……….. Was I going to be trapped in the future forever ?

The Sad Death Part 2 by Kelsey

Rubbing her eyes, Kadie realised she wasn’t seeing thing.  Thoughts rushed around her head as she thought if it was who she thought it was. The face slowly emerge into vision as Kadie gasped. It was her ….    The figure slurred as if they  were warning her. The figure was gone before she could say anything. What was she on about ?  She looked  into the inky , blackness of the night as her door was knocked. She cautiously  opened  the door as she let out  sigh. It was only her father . ” Kadie are you ok , I heard you scream!” ” I’m ok,” mumbled Kadie. Should she tell her father or not?


The end of human life by Malachi

And so it was Albert Einstein  locked up in to the sky and could see complete  darkness. Albert Einstein  he had the life of humans in his hand.

Albert Einstein could kill offq  all the. Sly aliens by poising their water supply. He had the supply of poison  in his pocket, he could wipe out all of them for Ever.

His hands was shaking like a leaf ……..  What was going to happen ????


Albert Einstein had to decide whether  or not to poison there water supply!!!

He stood still and hardly could breath.  He could hear someone be hind him  was it one of them ?

Suddenly he fell to the ground, had they managed to stop him ? As he lay there the thick gooey poison oozed from the bottle in is pocket made a trail in to the river .  Would he survive?????………..


The Lighthouse

Dear dairy,

It was a late night at the lighthouse.I heard everyone laughing and having fun while I was stuck in the lighthouse sorting paperwork.All of a sudden,I heard a sound of a ship coming towards the town.The lights went out.I stumbled up the stairs to reach the light.I tryed and tryed to fix the huge light but it would not  come back on.I lifted the light off the stand and stumbled and fell back.The light smashed into peices.The ship was getting closer and closer.I panicked.At that very moment,everyone stopped laughing.Sweat was trickling down my face.Luckly everyone,who was in the village,ran to help.When everyone arrived,we formed a circle of light and we saved many lifes.Now i’m back in the lighthouse working on a new light.Lets hope nothing like this happens again.

Mr Lighthouse.

The Oagmore (Easter homework). By Kaci Rees.

An Oagmore  has a very strange body. They have twisted horns and  pointy ears like an arrow . Their  ears are covered in a weird grey fur that grows every second. Also they have very gruesome eye colours such as gold, white and shimmering purple. They have an orange, wrinkled face and yellow teeth like the  golden sun . In addition, they wear a silver armour to be safe for when they kill their  cruel, strong enemies . They wear  plum coloured gloves . Also, they wear belts to hold there weapons tight and secure. They also wear baggy trousers and big, black, boots.

The destruction poem

The sky turns black with anger and hate

Mankind will suffer a grizzly fate

The clouds begin to darken and the sky becomes grey

A disaster will break out upon this day

The end of man is drawing near

Hearts are stabbed with immense fear

Then suddenly all falls black

Because our earth is under attack

The ground opens up, the skies split into 3

Desperate civilians try to flee

But this powerful force will take countless lives

By the time this is over will anyone have survived?

What happened here? Please post your comments as answers to what it was